About Our School

Mickleham Primary School

At Mickleham Primary School we have a strong connection between the school, students and families and believe this is important to help students achieve.

As we are a small community school with a current enrolment of 236, there is opportunity for all children to know each other and for parents to be closely associated with the school. We strive to create an environment in which all our students feel safe, happy and important.

We structure our classrooms and our programs so that the children experience success, so that they are actively encouraged and they have the opportunity to reach their full potential. At Mickleham Primary School children belong to a community of learners and have every chance to achieve their personal best.

Our Values

At Mickleham Primary our mission is to create a welcoming and safe school community where everyone is treated equally, and encouraged to learn and to achieve their full potential.

We have a RICH set of Values:

Respect – Valuing everyone and ourselves for who we are and treating all people and things the best way we can.

Independence – Always working hard, thinking for ourselves and having a go so that we can be the best learners possible.

Co-operation – Sharing and listening to each other and supporting each other with our learning and our school life.

Honesty – Being truthful and trustworthy, living our lives with all our values in mind.

Educational Philosophy

To enable our children to reach their full potential and become well adjusted and productive members of society in the future we:

  • Provide an environment that stimulates, nurtures, challenges and encourages every individual student.
  • Foster an environment of tolerance and compassion where all students feel safe
  • Provide an education that develops literate, numerate and articulate students who recognise and accept their strengths and weaknesses
  • Develop students as independent learners who willingly use the thinking skills necessary to solve problems
  • Celebrate all achievements


We belong, we achieve

Our school motto is as important as our values. We believe that if our children feel comfortable, relaxed, happy and safe at school then they will be more likely to succeed with their learning.

To achieve this our students and their families need to feel that:

  • Other children and the staff know them and accept them
  • Others will help them if needed
  • They are an important part of the school

We value and strive for a strong connection between families, students and the school. We believe that if the children feel a part of the school community then they are more likely to achieve successfully at school.


The first school in Mickleham was the Wesleyan School No. 423, a denominational school opened on the 1st April, 1855, with an enrolment of 48 children – 22 boys and 26 girls.

The site of this first school was in what is now known as Mt. Ridley Road, about 2 kilometres east of Mickleham Road. Classes were held in this church building until it was replaced by the present bluestone building – School number 1051 – in 1871.

In February 1870 the Board of Education agreed to a new school building. The building was to be erected on land purchased from Mr. William Saunders of Riseborough Park, using money raised by public donation. The school, made of locally quarried bluestone, was completed in July 1871, with half the money to complete the school coming from local contributors. In 1883 a teacher’s residence was approved and a weatherboard house was completed in 1884.

The school was closed from June 1951 until February 1953 – not through lack of pupils, but through a decision made by the Education Department when a replacement could not be found for the Head Teacher who was to take his long-service leave.

Today there are approximately 125 students in six grades and the school that began as a small community church school in 1855 remains the only small school in the area and the sense of community and belonging remains as important today as it was then.

New Enrolments

Mickleham Primary School welcomes all new enrolments within the Mickleham area.

If you are interested in a small school that provides a high quality education with a country feel please come and visit. To organise a tour or talk about what we offer please ring 9745 2250.

Sue Crispe

Term Dates 2018

Term 1 | Tuesday 30 January – Friday 29 March
Term 2 | Monday 16 April – Friday 29 June
Term 3 | Monday 16 July – Friday 21 September
Term 4 | Monday 8 October – Friday 21 December
Teachers begin 29th January

Classes and Teachers

Principal – Susan Crispe

Assistant Principal- Emma Fuller

Foundation – Danielle Schroaders and April Divine

Prep/One – Tania Overall

Grade 1 – Jarrod Peterson

Grade 1/2 – Josh Cilia

Grade 2/3 – Jess Cocking

Grade 3/4 – Andria Pratt

Grade 4/5 – Kate Lally

Grade 5/6 – James Highgate, Emma Fuller and Helen Gormlie

Indonesian – Pak Bambang

Science – Sue Dowey

Art – Kate Alexandra



Classroom Teachers


Grade Prep S
Danielle Schroeders Room 4

Grade Prep D
April Davine Room 5

Grade One / Two
Andria Pratt Room 3

Grade Two / Three
 Jarrod Petersen Room 6

Grade Three / Four
Kate Lally Room 2

Grade Five / Six J
Jess Cocking Room 7

Grade Five / Six H
James Highgate Room 8

Specialist Teachers


Sue Dowey

Sue Dowey

Kate Alexandra

Kate Alexander


Pak Bambang


Checked cotton dress – blue and white check

Long pants, including tracksuit pants, gabardine or cotton drill pants (unisex) – plain navy (No denim, or colour printing)

Shorts, skirts or skorts – navy (No netball skirts or sports skirts)

Polo shirts – navy / red/ white (optional logo)

Windcheater – navy / red (compulsory logo)

Bomber jacket (compulsory logo)

School raincoat – navy (optional)

School slouch hat or bucket hat (wide brimmed style) – navy

Flat shoes (solid durable type) must be completely enclosed, no fixed colour

School Beanies – optional during winter

Long sleeve skivvies or polo shirts – navy / red / white only (optional logo)

Tights or plain leggings under the school dress – navy (or black if navy unavailable – no coloured markings or printing)


Jewellery (for safety reasons the following are the only acceptable jewellery):

Earrings – sleepers or studs that do not hang down

Watches, chains, necklaces etc – worn under the shirt

Bracelets – close fitting

A complete version can be downloaded here