Checked cotton dress – blue and white check

Long pants, including tracksuit pants, gabardine or cotton drill pants (unisex) – plain navy (No denim, or colour printing)

Shorts, skirts or skorts – navy (No netball skirts or sports skirts)

Polo shirts – navy / red/ white (optional logo)

Windcheater – navy / red (compulsory logo)

Bomber jacket (compulsory logo)

School raincoat – navy (optional)

School slouch hat or bucket hat (wide brimmed style) – navy

Flat shoes (solid durable type) must be completely enclosed, no fixed colour

School Beanies – optional during winter

Long sleeve skivvies or polo shirts – navy / red / white only (optional logo)

Tights or plain leggings under the school dress – navy (or black if navy unavailable – no coloured markings or printing)


Jewellery (for safety reasons the following are the only acceptable jewellery):

Earrings – sleepers or studs that do not hang down

Watches, chains, necklaces etc – worn under the shirt

Bracelets – close fitting

A complete version can be downloaded here