About our school

Mickleham Primary School is a growing community school with a current enrolment of around 400. Established in 1871, we continue to pride ourselves on ensuring that all children have a sense of community and belonging.  There are opportunities for all children to get to know one another and we welcome parents to be closely associated with the school.

Mickleham Primary School is set within large leafy school grounds, featuring our historic bluestone library. All children play together throughout the school and enjoy:

  • A large oval with football goals and a running track
  • Large Sandpit
  • Soccer pitch
  • Large shaded play equipment , enjoyable for students from Prep to Grade Six
  • An asphalt play area, great for ball games
  • A quiet play area where students can participate in quiet play free from running children and balls
  • An undercover rubberised play area

We also have a canteen serving snacks and lunch orders, open Monday to Thursday each week.


Canteen Menu 2020


To organise a school tour or talk about what we offer please contact us on Ph: 03 9745 2250.