Philosophy & Motto

Educational Philosophy

To enable our children to reach their full potential and become well adjusted and productive members of society in the future we:

  • Provide an environment that stimulates, nurtures, challenges and encourages every individual student.
  • Foster an environment of tolerance and compassion where all students feel safe
  • Provide an education that develops literate, numerate and articulate students who recognise and accept their strengths and weaknesses
  • Develop students as independent learners who willingly use the thinking skills necessary to solve problems
  • Celebrate all achievements


 I belong, together we achieve

Our school motto is as important as our values. We believe that if our children feel comfortable, relaxed, happy and safe at school then they will be more likely to succeed with their learning.

To achieve this our students and their families need to feel that:

  • Other children and the staff know them and accept them
  • Others will help them if needed
  • They are an important part of the school

We value and strive for a strong connection between families, students and the school. We believe that if the children feel a part of the school community then they are more likely to achieve successfully at school.

At Mickleham Primary School we are developing and implementing School Wide Positive Behaviour Support within our school. This operates on the premise that as well as being learners of Literacy and Numeracy, children are also learners of behaviour. Under this model, it is the role of the teachers and school community to explicitly teach children appropriate behaviours and to set explicit behaviour expectations.

To recognise the positive choices made by students we employ a wide variety of recognition and reward strategies (both intrinsic and extrinsic). Please read the Handbook to find out more.

Download the School Wide Positive Behaviour Handbook 2019