School Council

Each February/March membership of our School Council is confirmed; it consists of eight parents, five Department of Education representatives and up to two community members.

Council members elect the following office bearers:

  • School Council President
  • School Council Vice President
  • Treasurer

School Council meets approximately twice each term.

The MPS School Council has the following sub-committees:

  • Curriculum/FISO: Framework for Improving Student Outcomes: Working on policies and programs implemented across the school
  • Community & Fundraising: Organising social and fundraising events for the whole school, including Family picnics, Trivia Night, Bunnings Sausage Sizzle, Hot Cross Bun drive and Mother’s/Father’s Day stalls
  • Finance: Oversees budgets and financial arrangements the school enters into
  • School Environment: Working on maintaining a safe and engaging environment for the whole school

We are keen to hear from any family or community member who would like to be involved with School Council or any of our sub-committees.

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