Getting Involved

Classroom Helpers

As we are now in our new buildings, we will be conducting training sessions for parents willing to support teachers and students in the classroom. Graduates of the course will engage in:

  • An overview of current, best practice in literacy and numeracy instruction
  • Ways parents can help in the classroom
  • Ways parents can support learners in the home
  • Expectations related to confidentiality and privacy


Parents are invited to support Ange in the Canteen, especially with counter sales and on Fridays. Occasionally, Ange is unable to attend school and we seek support from parents to operate the Canteen for the day – it is helpful if parents have worked along side Ange and are familiar with the routine.

Sub-Committees & Events

Parents who are unable to join School Council may be willing to assist with single events and activities, such as: Community picnics, Mother’s and Father’s Day stalls, Hot Cross Bun drives, Athletics Days, Sausage Sizzles, Working Bees, and Classroom Celebrations of Learning. Requests for assistance will be posted on Compass in advance of each event.

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