Respectful Relationships

The Respectful Relationships program supports schools and early childhood settings to promote and model respect, positive attitudes and behaviours. It teaches our children how to build healthy relationships, resilience and confidence – DET

At Mickleham Primary School we are committed to embedding the Respectful Relationships curriculum into our Ready to Learn lessons. Our RRRR sequence works on an odd and even year calendar, where every student will cover the required content over a 2-year span. Foundation students cover all units in their first year.

Odd year topics:

  • Topic 1 – Emotional Literacy
  • Topic 3 – Positive Coping
  • Topic 5 – Stress Management
  • Topic 7 – Gender and Identity

Even year topics:

  • Topic 2 – Personal Strengths
  • Topic 4 – Problem Solving
  • Topic 6 – Help Seeking
  • Topic 8 – Positive Gender Relations
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