Vision & Values

I belong, together we succeed


Our children will have an awareness of themselves and their role as active members of our school and wider community.


At Mickleham Primary School, we embrace our history and our future as we create a supportive learning environment through which:

Our children will grow as learners:

  • They will learn to be confident and curious, to question the what, when, where, why & how, of their own world
  • They will learn to be persistent and seek innovative, creative solutions
  • They will engage in learning by collaborating with others
  • They will learn to take risks and learn from attempts
  • They will work to meet and exceed high expectations
  • They will learn in a stimulating and safe environment

 Our children will grow as citizens:

  • They will learn to be resilient in the face of challenges
  • They will be empathetic and compassionate, showing kindness and caring
  • They will communicate clearly and respectfully
  • They will embrace diversity and be inclusive of all others, creating a sense of belonging
  • They will be proactive contributors to the school community
  • They will contribute to the community beyond the school


Our school’s objectives are considered as part of the 4 yearly strategic planning process and reflected in the goals listed in our current School Strategic Plan (SSP). We also develop an Annual Implementation Plan (AIP) to operationalise the goals and key improvement strategies contained in our SSP.

Our R.I.C.H. Values

  • Be Respectful,
  • Be Independent,
  • Be Cooperative 
  • Be Honest 
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